New age of 30, not monthly gold volume to retirement, retirement

Huyen Linh reckons, she and her husband worked for 25 years as retirement, with savings of 5 million dong a month, a year will be about 1.3-1.5 buy gold. Thus, until retirement, she and her husband will have about 40 of (provisional for the moment).

Until then, she and her husband retire is when her children graduated from college. Gold has in hand the equivalent of 1.5 billion, she will cut out about 300 million to care for the child marriage, she and the rest 1.2 billion divided by 20 years later, each month, in addition to pension, wife and her husband have spent another 5 million.

“As it is, but friends and family have also said the two families into on, tell ‘first new age has worried too old, we grow old, have children take care’. However, we think, should have a specific plan for each stage in her life, such as the new future is guaranteed, “Linh said. On the other hand, while he or she is not troubling to depend on their children.

“Since the beginning of time to save the money we have enough gold to buy one then. The couple will also take birth year should amount 5 million (share cost of raising children) are also available that put pigs spend” she Linh breeze.